Thursday, 1 June 2017

Who is the best property developer in tourism sector?

There are not many people in the world who got the vision and resources to transform a whole sector of any country. Louis Gerard Saliot is one of those few people gifted with the talent of building and transforming any secluded place into a world-class destination. It’s not just talent but a mixture of sheer hard work and great eyesight in future. He is famous for developing many tourist hubs in different countries and Fiji is one prime example.

Fijian tourism sector development

There was a time when Fijian economy was staggering. The infrastructure was not up to global standards due to which the tourist inflow was slow. Gerard Saliot took the responsibility to uplift the tourism sector of this beautiful island nation. He started constructing resorts, villas, and a golf course on Natadola Bay. Today, Natadola Golf course is ranked among the most beautiful golf courses in the world. People enjoy water sports like snorkelling on Natadola Beach and stay lavishly in resorts near the beach. There is an abundance of tourists at the time of international golf tournaments. 

The employment generated by this project is unmatchable. Gerard Saliot was awarded by Fijian government for the upliftment of their biggest sector in the economy.
Some insights about this legendary man

Louis Gerard Saliot has 35 years of experience in tourism and hospitality sector. He is an expert in areas like property development, international trade, and business development. He founded Euro-Asia Management group with two of his partners to help different countries in the upliftment of their staggering tourism sector. The company has three established offices in Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He also provides consultation to government and international agencies in infrastructure development. He is a well-known man between masses of different countries. 
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