Friday, 12 May 2017

Gerard Saliot-The man behind the success of Natadola project!

Fiji has changed its image today and credit goes to the man who has been a champion and pioneer in a social cause which has led to further Fiji’s tourism development. Tourism is an industry which has the potential to create enormous job opportunities and here the story is same. After the Natadola project brought into existence by Gerard Saliot, Fiji has caught the attentions from worldwide and people kept thronging to spend valuable time there every year.

 Under the project many hotels and resorts came up which are the major pillars for the Fiji tourism. Fiji had a potential for tourism boom; but it has been realized only after Louis Gerard Saliot spearheaded the Natadola project. When tourism comes into the mind of people, his name always comes too; it is the reason why so many people today talk about him. They take inspiration and motivation from the hard work and dedication he had showed through his developmental tasks.

It is the work which builds brand identity and this is what exactly happened to him. In the project he took, it consisted of many kinds of other associated businesses which further created many job opportunities. It is just a kind of driving force which was mostly needed and Gerard Saliot truly gave him all this. His works shows how dedicatedly he carried out his responsibilities; though these are all social responsibilities and one cannot find any example than him to be pro-actively associated in such kinds of social works.

He is the man who gave a lesson that if a person is determined, there is nothing that he cannot do anything he wishes. Natadola became one of the important attractions today; it is situated just close to the sea shore and beaches where people can easily go and enjoy evening or morning walks.

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