Thursday, 29 June 2017

Could Fiji tourism have reached at this peak without Gerard Saliot?

Fiji, the island country is enjoying the tourism which is at its peak and it became one of the major backbones of the Fijian economy. Tourism industry is the kind of service industry which helps in creating a lot of employment opportunities and further strengthens the country’s economy. 

Just imagine now, what could have happened to tourism in Fiji if Gerard Saliot was not supposed to come forward for it. Well, it is obvious that tourism in the country could never have been at this level what it is now. Being socially concerned and business minded, he came forward to extend his innovative business ideas. And it resulted into Natadola project under which several other developments came into notice.

The project led to the emergence of many kinds of hotels, resorts and various other tourist attractions in the country. The major beneficiaries are the local people of the country who found suitable employments in the hotels and resorts.

Louis Gerard-The force behind Fijian tourism development

Every year tourists visit there and enjoy the beautiful sea beaches, stays in star categorised hotels and resorts with all kinds of modern amenities. There is also a beautiful Golf course where several international Golf tournaments are held. The works of Louis Gerard Saliot became commendable and he created a historical development in the country.

The kind of hard work and determination shown through his quality work and development speaks volume about his personality. Before his Natadola project, he has had worked in many other projects outside the country, Fiji. 

Now has earned a fame and name in the hearts of Fijian people. He came at a time when this island country needed boosting push and he exactly did it. So, every visitor who enjoys recreational activities and other kinds of touristy activities, always admires the innovative ideas of this legend. 

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