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Thursday, 1 February 2018

How Gerard Saliot helped the ordinary people Fiji?

When the tourism and hospitality in South Asia get discussed, one name which is sure to get taken is that of Louis Gerard Saliot. A pioneer in the development of tourism in Fiji, he has an experience of 25-years of working in the real estate.

In 1994, he started his venture with the name of Euro-Asia Management Group and then contributed to the development of projects like Natadola Marine Project. A dream project of his, it helped in establishing garden, villas and apartments. This project was instrumental in creating his name in the tourism world.

He was also responsible for developing the Natadola golf course which hosts the biggest PGA tournament in the region of South Asia Pacific.

The services provided by the Euro-Asia Management Group includes designing, building and management of tourism projects. So, understanding the requirements of the hospitality industry, he has also initiated a project called the hotel modular development. This project aims to develop the world-class hotel rooms and decorate them in a way which is preferred by real estate developers and international tourists coming to Fiji.

The tourism industry of Fiji is in a healthy state due to his continuous efforts, but this was not always the case. The state of infrastructure in Fiji was in a sorry state, and the government identified it needed an overhaul to improve the state of tourism.

They started calling foreign interior designers, engineers and developers. Gerard Saliot was one of the developers who came to Fiji. He chooses to work in the tourism industry after working in the real estate as he knows about the potential of the tourism industry. A better tourism industry would bring jobs to the country, and he was interested in helping the ordinary people of these small nations.

Louis Gerard along with Euro Asia Group helps in the market study, financial planning and legal services related to the land. His contributions and visionary leaderships will be remembered for generations.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Top Projects of Louis Gerard Saliot in Asia Pacific Region

Euro Asia Management Group is one of top companies building tourism projects in Asia Pacific region. The company was founded in 1991 by Louis Gerard Saliot with his two partners and offices at Singapore and Indonesia. The company has been offering specialised services for business development, project development and management services.

Euro Asia Group has a team of skilled professionals to enable a rapid construction of tourism projects. The firm has been instrumental in building tourism projects, and many are in the pipeline.

Apart from that, Saliot founded two sister projects – Hotel Modular Development and Euro Asia Hotel Contract. The companies help in the designing of hotel and restaurant, and procurement of necessary accessories for immediate construction.

Here are the core services of the Euro Asia Group:

  • Merger and acquisition
  • Consulting and auditing
  • Financial assessment and arrangement from the banks
  • Conceptualisation of project and development
  • Market study and feasibility
  • Legal service
  • Land borrowing and negotiation with owners

Here are the top projects of Euro Asia Group:

Natadola Marine Resort

Natadola marine resort is a tourism hub built near the Natadola Bay. It is an important project to enhance the tourism industry of the country. The project has beautiful resorts, villas, themed gardens, marinas, and golf course. It has become an ideal destination for visitors looking to change the way of spending a holiday.

Cakrawala Residence

It is another important project of Euro Asia Group undertaken in Bali under Tourism Master Plan in Indonesia. The company has been involved in designing and implementation of projects. The project has everything with kid club, car-free zone, marinas, villas, resorts, and marinas. It will change the way of spending a holiday.
Apart from that, the Euro Asia is involved in the following projects:

  • The City Hotel Project
  • Raja Ampat Dive Resort
  • The Sunpark Resort
  • Four Seasons Bora Bora
  • And other resorts

The contribution of Gerard Saliot in the development and management of tourism projects won’t be forgotten quickly.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Top Things to Know About Louis Gerard Saliot and His Tourism Projects

The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The sector is on the course of biggest expansion throughout the globe. But, many regions are unable to attract tourists due to the absence of proper infrastructures necessary for hospitality and ancillary services. It shows the importance of developing infrastructure to bring development in the tourism sector.

Realising this importance, Louis Gerard Saliot founded a company Euro Asia Management Company in 1991. Euro Asia is offering specialised service in the development and management of tourism projects for the leisure destinations and hospitality sectors.

Euro Asia has been instrumental in the rapid construction of many projects in South Pacific region. The team of skilled professionals offering specialised service make this possible for clients. Let us look at the top services of the company:

  • Consulting and auditing of tourism projects
  • Merger and acquisition of the projects
  • Planning and designing of Master Plan for Tourism Development
  • Market study and feasibility
  • Financial assessment and arrangement from the banks
  • Construction and development of project
  • Legal service
  • Land borrowing and negotiation with owners
  • Resort design and master planning

The hospitality industry is an integral part of the tourism industry. Establishments of foods, lodging, sports, shopping, and other thrilling activities are essential in a resort. People come to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy quality time with family or loved ones. Thus, resort should contain villas, spas, marinas, and other amenities to enjoy.

To change the way of spending holidays, many tourism projects are being established in South Pacific region -Indonesia, Singapore, Fiji, and East Java. Gerard Saliot founded two more ventures to provide services to enhance construction of tourism projects. Hotel Modular Development and Euro Asia Hotel Contract for the construction of hotels, restaurants and others within the deadline of clients.

Owing to the commendable works of Saliot towards the tourism industry, he will be remembered by the generations to come.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Why is Louis Gerard Saliot Popular in the Tourism Sector?

Euro Asia one of the few companies involved in the construction and management of tourism hotspots in South Pacific region. The region has a huge a potential for tourism industry if the development of proper infrastructure takes place. Development of a resort needs due consideration and help of real estate experts in building hubs into a world-class holiday destination. This is what Louis Gerard Saliot has been trying to provide with his venture in this region.

The countries situated in the South Pacific region possess islands, unspoilt places, and beautiful beaches worth visiting. Jakarta, Indonesia, East Java, Fiji, and Malaysia are the top countries where tourism industry can boom if proper infrastructure is developed.

Sensing the importance of tourism industry in generating employment and foreign exchange, Saliot has started assisting countries through quality services to develop a master plan. He and his team of professionals have successfully built numerous projects in these countries, boosting the tourism sector to a large extent.

Further, Saliot established EuroAsia Group in 1991 to provide project development and ancillary services in the tourism industry. Here are the core services that the company offers to the clients in building world-class tourism hubs:

  • Merger and acquisition of tourism project
  • Design of master plan and architectural design
  • Land borrowing and negotiation with owners
  • Consulting and auditing of the project
  • Construction and deliver the project within the deadline
  • Legal service for the realisation of the project
  • Market study and feasibility
  • Financial assessment and assumption from the banks

Gerard Saliot is a visionary leader and experienced in building tourism hotspots. He had over 35 years of work experience in the real estate firm. In every resort, there should be infrastructure for the hospitality and ancillary services. Thus, hotel and restaurant are an integral part of the resort to be an ideal holiday spot. 

To help companies in delivering quality hospitality service to the customers, Saliot has established the Hotel Modular Development Venture. It is a prominent firm that offers assistance to design and build hotel and restaurants maintaining the quality at a reduced cost.

Owing to his work and contributions to the tourism industry, Saliot will be remembered for generations to come.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Top Three Ventures of Louis Gerard Saliot

EuroAsia is one of the most popular companies offering quality services to the real estate firms. It is involved in the construction of tourism hubs and resorts for companies. Louis Gerard Saliot is the CEO/President of the company offering services to the development of holiday and leisure destination.  

Till now, the company has been involved in the designing, construction, and implementation of numerous tourism projects. Some of the famous projects which they have completed for the tourism industry in South Pacific region are:

·         Four Seasons Bora Bora
·         The Magati Resort Project
·         Natadola Marine Resort in Fiji
·         Cakrawala Residence in Bali, Indonesia
·         City Hotel Resort
·         Hotel, Leisure, and Sport Centre
·         Raja Ampat Dive Resort

The primary reasons for succeeding in the projects are due to an expert team of professionally supervised by Saliot. The services are offered through three different companies which are established and headed by Saliot.

Euro Asia Management Group

It is the parent company that is taking care of the project management and development service to the companies. Here are the core services of the company:

·         Merger and acquisition of project
·         Designing of Tourism Development Master Plan
·         Land borrowing and negotiation with the owners
·         Consulting and auditing
·         Construction management
·         And others

Hotel Modular Development

It is another venture of Gerard Saliot for the rapid development of hospitality hubs and resorts. Here are the top services of the HMD:

·         Design and construction of hotel and restaurant
·         High quality services at reduced cost
·         High project flexibility and risk control
·         Turn-key projects

Euro Asia Hotel Contract

Euro Asia Hotel contract is officially operating in the Jakarta and Singapore for the rapid procurement services, hospitality projects and speciality services. Here are the top services of the company:

·         Offer services for luxury hotels and resorts
·         Design and manufacture of quality furniture, joinery, and casegoods
·         Design of interior and decoration
·         Handle woods, marble, veneers, stone, glass, and others
·         And other services relevant for development of rooms in hotels and restaurants

Currently, GerardSaliot is working on numerous projects to develop tourism projects and resorts. His contributions and roles will be remembered for generations to come.

Friday, 24 November 2017

How Louis Gerard Saliot Helps in Building Tourism Hubs?

A resort is an ideal place where modern facilities are available for tourists to enjoy their stay. It should contain establishments for foods, shopping, relaxation, and thrilling activities. It is why the resorts contain shopping mall, spa, apartment, sports complex, and marinas for thrilling activities. Building an ideal project is not easy without experience and expertise in this field.

Sensing the importance of building tourism projects, Louis Gerard Saliot had founded the EuroAsia company in 1991. The company offers specialised services for the project development and management to the customers. Till now, the company has completed numerous projects in the South Pacific regions.

EuroAsia provides dedicated services in different fields and categories based on the demand of clients. The company has gained reputation offering specialised services for every project. Here are the core services of the EuroAsia in building tourism hubs:

  • Project master planning of tourism hubs
  • Architectural design and implementation of projects
  • Merger and acquisition of projects
  • Land borrowing and negotiation with owners
  • Financial assessment and arrangement from banks
  • Legal advice on different issues

The company provides all these services under the supervision of Saliot utilising innovative ideas and equipment in building projects. This company aims to build projects with world-class amenities that ever visitor dream in a hub.
Here are some of the popular that EuroAsia has completed successfully in the South Pacific region:

  • Four Seasons Bora Bora
  • The Megati Resort
  • Cakrawala Residence in Indonesia
  • Natadola Marine Resort in Fiji
  • Raja Ampat Dive Resort
  • And more in the list

In addition, Gerard Saliot has founded another venture Hotel Modular Development. It offers hotel design and construction at reduced costs. It designs and constructs hotel rooms and interior in high quality with modern amenities. It is an essential service for the hotel and restaurant to enhance the hospitality industry in the tourism sectors.

The role and contribution of Saliot in the tourism industry are immense. It is the primary reason why Saliot is a popular figure and accoladed with prizes in many countries for exceptional services.