Thursday, 27 April 2017

What is the most notable work done by Gerard Saliot in Fiji?

When we talk about any famous island nation for tourism then Fiji is one country which always comes in our mind. Fiji is a unique place in itself loaded with breathtaking natural beauty and calm surroundings. There are 110 inhabitable island and some small islets in Fiji. The country is close to Australia and New Zealand and their import and export rely much on these two countries.

Eventually, the most number of tourists also comes from these two countries. To give the best experience to their tourists all around the world, Fiji upgraded their tourist hubs and one man who helped a lot in upgrading the infrastructure of Fiji is none other than Louis Gerard Saliot.

Work by Saliot in Fiji

Gerard Saliot shaped tourist spots of different countries. He was the main architect of some of the most beautiful resorts and golf courses of Fiji. One of the prime examples of his unmatched projects in the island nation is Natadola golf course and resort.

Natadola golf course was constructed to host international golf tournaments. The biggest golf tournaments of South Pacific Ocean take place on this golf course. Numerous world famous golf players visit Fiji to play in these tournaments such that Natadola golf course attracts tourists from around the world.

The marine bay resort in Natadola gives a perfect view of beautiful seashores of Fiji. The golf course is made in traditional South Pacific architecture and gives an eye-catching seaside view. Gerard Saliot got awarded by Fijian government for his work towards the nation.

Not to mention, the employment generated by his projects impacted positively on Fijian economy. The revenue generated by these world-class tourist spots benefits both the natives and the government of the South Pacific nation. If you want to gain more insights of work done by Louis Gerard Saliot and his company then contact us.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

What are some facts about Louis Gerard Saliot?

Nature has bestowed some of the most beautiful landscapes to the South Pacific nation of Fiji. The tourist friendly country was once a staggering economy due to inadequate infrastructure. The country with exquisite landscapes and abundant natural resources was facing a lack of tourists once.

To cope this setback, the government of Fiji lured foreign investors and architects to build world-class tourist spots on different islands. Louis Gerard Saliot helped the Fiji government by managing and proposing various projects in Fiji. He turned barren lands into best-in-class tourist hubs. There are several resorts and villas made by him in Fiji today.

Who is Louis Gerard Saliot?

Louis Gerard Saliot is the founder and CEO of Euro-Asia Management group. He and his company have handled many projects in different nations. Turning valueless lands into beautiful tourist destinations is his speciality. His experience of 35 years in property and business development is highlighted in his world-class tourist spots. His company has managed many leisure and tourism projects in Asia Pacific region.

The tourism projects completed by Gerard Saliot and his team are helping a lot today by the upliftment of economy in Fiji. One of the great project completed by him is the Natadola marine bay project. Natadola golf course holds many major golf tournaments of world and people from different countries travel to Fiji to witness those international golf tournaments. Not to mention, the employment generated by that project was massive.

Gerard Saliot got awarded by the Fiji government for his contribution in the upliftment of the tourism sector of the nation. The people of the island nation are earning a stable income through those tourist hubs. He also adopted an eco-friendly approach to saving the natural resources and wildlife of the country. To know more about Mr Saliot and his world-class projects in Fiji and around the world, please contact us.