Saturday, 30 November 2013

Louis Gerard Saliot Contributions To Fiji Tourism Industry

Fiji islands are one of the most popular destinations for the tourists’ in Asia. It is an archipelago of 333 islands and situated in the south of Pacific Ocean. It is a treat for the people loving water activities and adventurous seekers. Tourists from different parts of the world are visiting these islands due to their sight-seeing and amusing activities. Earlier, islands were barren and not fit for tourists as there were no facilities and worth seeing sights. Louis Gerard Saliot has worked day and night to make these resorts and beautify the islands. Thus, he considered the pioneer of Fiji’s tourism industry.

As islands are surrounded by water bodies, so there are lots of water related activities and sceneries for the tourists. Water is pristine and is a home to hundreds of beautiful creatures. People can learn swimming and snorkeling to explore the sea bed which is home to colorful animals. Soft coral reefs are found surrounding the islands which supports various beautiful sea creatures. One can go for the islands hopping with the help of boat hired by the tourists. Blue lagoon cruise is a treat for the couple to spend the quality time among each other. There are many adventurous trips like kayaking and white water rafting in the Fijian river.

There are many things which attract the visitors to come back again after the trip. It gives many life-long cherishing memories which are carried from the visits in the long. This is due to the beautification and transformation of the Fiji islands into resorts. Gerard Saliot is the person with a indomitable spirit, worked tirelessly to give Fiji of today. It is easily visible to the visitors of its efforts and hard work through the sightseeing and man-made sceneries found in the islands. Go and explore this islands with your family this vacation to get everlasting cherishing memories in life.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Why should you visit Fiji this vacation?

Many people are taking sabbatical from the office to visit to the gorgeous islands of Fiji. This archipelago is situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean and known for their beauties throughout the world. Tourists from countries like USA, England, New Zealand, Australia, and neighboring countries constantly visit there. People visiting once, get enamored by the beauty of the islands and keep visiting the countries to spend their holidays. Earlier, this country was not so beautiful and ideal for the tourists. This is a poor country and tourism industry to improve the economic condition. Louis Gerard Saliot has developed the beauties and resorts to make a paradise for the tourists. There are plenty of natural sights but he included the man-made sights in this group.

Country is full with enjoyable activities for the tourists to perform after reaching there. Tourists can enjoy the sights of the different islands by island hopping done with boats. Water is pristine and offers lots of exciting activities like yatch riding and jet boat riding. Many people learn to swim and dive to explore the nearby sea beauty. Deep sea diving is done by the adult to see the beautiful creatures under the sea. There are beautiful coral reefs surrounding the islands and perfect sights for the visitors.

Couples can enjoy in the blue lagoon by going for a cruise with the luxurious boat. Adventure seeker can go for the fishing in the seas. There are facilities for the kayaking and white water rafting in the Fijian rivers. Tourists can enjoy an aerial sightseeing in the islands with the aeroplane. Islands are a paradise for the gorgeous beaches to bask in the sun and relax. Even there are Spas serving the traditional style of massage using the olive oil and herb to relieve the body. Many man-made parks, sanctuaries, museums, gardens, and project helps in providing further relaxation and enjoyment to the tourists. Thus, it is a complete package for the tourists to enjoy and cherish throughout their lives.

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