Thursday, 8 June 2017

What is the role of Louis Gerard Saliot in the tourism industry of Fiji?

Building and maintaining a world-class infrastructure is usually difficult for small island nations. Their economies are not big enough to support all the services required by tourists visiting their country. In these circumstances, foreign investments are invited by the governments of these small countries. Both the investors and country have a win-win situation in these scenarios.

One of the examples is Fiji. Fiji is a small island nation in the South Pacific region. The economy of the country is highly depended on tourism and hospitality sector. The country opened investment routes for foreigners and Louis Gerard Saliot, the legendary real estate tycoon in tourism sector transformed barren lands of Fiji into world famous tourist hubs.

Saliot's achievements in Fiji

There are many projects on which Saliot worked in Fiji but his biggest achievement was Natadola Bay project. Natadola is a beautiful place with multiple white sandy beaches, pristine sceneries, and beautiful coral reefs. Once a barren land, Gerrard Saliot worked his best and brought the best out of that barren lands.

The resorts and villas in Natadola Bay are no less than the best hotels and resorts made in developed countries. The South Pacific island thematic resorts attract tourist from around the world. All the amenities are readily available for each tourist visiting this beautiful place. Natadola Bay is well connected to the capital city of Suva.

There is another reason for tourists visiting Natadola Bay. The best golf course of Fiji resides in Natadola. There are multiple international tournaments organised in this beautiful golf course. World’s best golfers take part in those competitions and numerous tourists from around the world visit Natadola Bay to witness epic matches there.  Louis Gerrard Saliot got awarded by the Fijian government for his efforts to develop one of the best tourist hubs in the country. If you want to know more about this eminent figure then contact us.

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