Friday, 31 March 2017

Who turned Fiji into an ideal tourist destination?

The beautiful island of Fiji is one of the finest tourist destinations in the world. Geographically, the island nation is situated in the south Pacific Ocean. Out of 333 islands in Fiji, only 110 islands are inhabitable. There are 100 unique species of flora, and many conservation areas are set up in the island nation to protect them. 

It is a perfect tropical destination for those seeking for eco-friendly adventures. Visitors can enjoy different adventure activities in the Koro Sea. Islands are surrounded by divine beauty and plenty of beautiful life forms.

But the unavailability of world class infrastructure was a big problem for Fiji tourism industry. Understanding the demand of tourism industry in the island nation, Louis Gerard Saliot started working to transform the barren islands into international tourist hubs. Mr Saliot started making eco-friendly tourism spots in the Pacific nation, and Natadola marine project is one of the great examples of tourism projects under his name.

Natadola marine project

The Natadola marine project started to turn a barren land into a world-class tourist destination. Today, it is covered by lavish villas, resorts, and a big golf course. The project has helped in generating occupation for many local youngsters and boosted the growth of travel industry in Fiji. It has become a beautiful hub made for tourists in Fiji till date. Gerard Saliot got awarded by the Fiji government for his efforts and contribution to the Natadola marine project.

Louis Gerard Saliot is the founder and CEO of Euro-Asia Management group. He has 35 years of experience in property and business development. Euro Asia management group already developed some world class tourist destinations in different countries before setting its sight on Fiji. To know more about Mr Gerard Saliot and his contributions to the island nation of Fiji, please contact us.

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