Thursday, 23 March 2017

Meet the man behind the idea of Natadola Bay project: Louis Gerard Saliot

Louis Gerard Saliot is one of the most prominent names in the leisure and tourism sector. He has managed many projects which changed the scale of the tourism industry in many countries. His creative ideas and unmatched efforts can reshape barren lands into tourist hubs. With 35 years of experience in business and property development, Louis Gerard Saliot is the founder of Euro-Asia Management Group. It manages many leisure and tourism projects in Asia Pacific region. Euro Asia develops world class tourist destinations and gives consultancy to different private project developers and government agencies.

Renowned project

Mr Saliot and his management firm have shaped the tourism industry of many countries. One of the important projects of his management company is the Natadola marine project in Fiji. Gerard Saliot was the key planner and architect of the marine project at Natadola Bay. The beautiful Natadola Bay of Fiji comprises villas, resorts, and a big golf course. The world famous Natadola project helped Fiji tourism industry a lot by attracting tourists from far-flung countries.

Fiji is a beautiful Island nation loaded with beautiful beaches and marine life. There are around 110 habitable islands in Fiji filled with green mountain tops and tropical rainforests. Government turmoil of Fiji in the past left this beautiful nation into lurches. Due to contributions of Mr Saliot, Fiji is not just a tourist friendly country now, but many people are eager to buy their second house there.

The efforts of Mr Saliot brings employment opportunities for locals living near the tourism hubs and foreign investment into the country. The architecture, overall design, and environmental impact are some of the domains of the tourism hub which are thoroughly checked by Gerard Saliot and his team. Gerard Saliot is a boon for any country looking to expand their economy through tourism. To know more about Gerard Saliot and his incredible projects around the world, contact us today.

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