Friday, 3 January 2014

Why Fiji Is A Top Holiday Destination In Asia?

Are you looking for a top holiday destination in Asia? Holiday is a special period offered from the office to the professional to relax, enjoy and revitalize their body. Continuous work in the office tires the professional which result in low productivity. People should spend their holiday in top destination to get excellent experience. So, Fiji islands are the perfect holiday destinations for the people looking for a calm and amusing place. There are total 333 islands, 110 islands are habitable and others are submerged or barren. But the barren islands have been converted into resort by Louis Gerard Saliot to attract tourists in the country. This is why it is getting tourists from different parts of the world for its scenic and man-made beauties in the islands.

Upon reaching there, people can enjoy in various activities in the country. One can enjoy yatch and jet boat riding in the nearby seas. High tide surfing done in the country is world famous and extremely adventurous. Snorkeling is done with the help of the professional for whole family (children above 8 years) to see the beautiful flowering plants and animals in the sea bed. Country has the fourth largest coral reef in the world. It is a house of different colorful flora and fauna. One can go for Gamefishing, white river rafting, and kayaking in the Fijian rivers. World class rugby and golf can be enjoyed in the country.

Resorts and hotels are made facing the sea or near the sea to provide a calm experience to the visitors. Sitting in the room, one can enjoy most exotic sunrise and sunset. Traditional spas are available for massaging the body and ease out the tension. Gerard Saliot has made these facilities available in the country to promote the tourism industry. There are restaurants serving the Fijian, Indian and Chinese cuisines of delicious taste. Park, sanctuaries, museums, and gardens are made for tourist to relax and enjoy. People visiting the country carry the everlasting memories in their lives.

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