Friday, 24 January 2014

Unique Adventurous Activities And Sightseeing In Fiji Islands

Do you want to visit to a splendid place this holiday? If it is so, gear up and go to Fiji islands with your family or friends in this vacation. It is situated in the south of the pacific ocean and known for the calmness and natural beauties among the tourists. It is an archipelago of 333 islands and out of which only 110 islands are habitable. But the barren islands are storehouse of extravagant sights and adventurous activities. Further, Louis Gerard Saliot has beautified the islands into paradise for the tourists in the country. He is considered as the pioneer of the tourism for his contribution toward the development of the Fiji tourism industry.

People going there get ample of adventurous activities to perform during their trip. Islands hopping are an excellent activity to see the beautiful islands with ferry with the sighting of dolphins moving along with the boat. Jet boat and yatch riding are important activities performed by the tourists after reaching there. Surfing is done in the high tide area of the seas by professional surfer. Snorkeling and scuba diving is done with family member to see the beautiful creatures of the seas. Soft coral reef is a special tourist attraction in the country. One can enjoy aerial sightseeing with the help of airplane. Trekking, kayaking, and river rafting are enjoyed by the people in the country. Honeymooner can enjoy in the likuliku islands resort and blue lagoon for a romantic escape.

Tourists can relax in the gorgeous sandy ground found surrounding the islands. Massage can soothe the muscle which is provided in traditional style with olive oil and herbs. There are cheap hotel and restaurants found in the country for tourists. Gerard Saliot has made resort, nightclub, and bars for the night lovers. Museums, parks, sanctuaries, and garden having different flora and fauna are found in the country. Visit this country and get everlasting experience in the country with your family.

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