Thursday, 1 February 2018

How Gerard Saliot helped the ordinary people Fiji?

When the tourism and hospitality in South Asia get discussed, one name which is sure to get taken is that of Louis Gerard Saliot. A pioneer in the development of tourism in Fiji, he has an experience of 25-years of working in the real estate.

In 1994, he started his venture with the name of Euro-Asia Management Group and then contributed to the development of projects like Natadola Marine Project. A dream project of his, it helped in establishing garden, villas and apartments. This project was instrumental in creating his name in the tourism world.

He was also responsible for developing the Natadola golf course which hosts the biggest PGA tournament in the region of South Asia Pacific.

The services provided by the Euro-Asia Management Group includes designing, building and management of tourism projects. So, understanding the requirements of the hospitality industry, he has also initiated a project called the hotel modular development. This project aims to develop the world-class hotel rooms and decorate them in a way which is preferred by real estate developers and international tourists coming to Fiji.

The tourism industry of Fiji is in a healthy state due to his continuous efforts, but this was not always the case. The state of infrastructure in Fiji was in a sorry state, and the government identified it needed an overhaul to improve the state of tourism.

They started calling foreign interior designers, engineers and developers. Gerard Saliot was one of the developers who came to Fiji. He chooses to work in the tourism industry after working in the real estate as he knows about the potential of the tourism industry. A better tourism industry would bring jobs to the country, and he was interested in helping the ordinary people of these small nations.

Louis Gerard along with Euro Asia Group helps in the market study, financial planning and legal services related to the land. His contributions and visionary leaderships will be remembered for generations.

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