Thursday, 30 November 2017

Why is Louis Gerard Saliot Popular in the Tourism Sector?

Euro Asia one of the few companies involved in the construction and management of tourism hotspots in South Pacific region. The region has a huge a potential for tourism industry if the development of proper infrastructure takes place. Development of a resort needs due consideration and help of real estate experts in building hubs into a world-class holiday destination. This is what Louis Gerard Saliot has been trying to provide with his venture in this region.

The countries situated in the South Pacific region possess islands, unspoilt places, and beautiful beaches worth visiting. Jakarta, Indonesia, East Java, Fiji, and Malaysia are the top countries where tourism industry can boom if proper infrastructure is developed.

Sensing the importance of tourism industry in generating employment and foreign exchange, Saliot has started assisting countries through quality services to develop a master plan. He and his team of professionals have successfully built numerous projects in these countries, boosting the tourism sector to a large extent.

Further, Saliot established EuroAsia Group in 1991 to provide project development and ancillary services in the tourism industry. Here are the core services that the company offers to the clients in building world-class tourism hubs:

  • Merger and acquisition of tourism project
  • Design of master plan and architectural design
  • Land borrowing and negotiation with owners
  • Consulting and auditing of the project
  • Construction and deliver the project within the deadline
  • Legal service for the realisation of the project
  • Market study and feasibility
  • Financial assessment and assumption from the banks

Gerard Saliot is a visionary leader and experienced in building tourism hotspots. He had over 35 years of work experience in the real estate firm. In every resort, there should be infrastructure for the hospitality and ancillary services. Thus, hotel and restaurant are an integral part of the resort to be an ideal holiday spot. 

To help companies in delivering quality hospitality service to the customers, Saliot has established the Hotel Modular Development Venture. It is a prominent firm that offers assistance to design and build hotel and restaurants maintaining the quality at a reduced cost.

Owing to his work and contributions to the tourism industry, Saliot will be remembered for generations to come.

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