Thursday, 26 October 2017

Louis Gerard Saliot’ Contribution to the Fijian Tourism Industry

Fiji tourism was neither that attractive nor popular as it’s today. In fact, Fiji has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations people around the globe love to go during the holidays.

Hospitality is at the core of this country’s thriving village culture. The country is a home to exotic resorts that organise several activities for kids and teens. Fiji has much to offer to full range of divers from beginners to masters. Healthy underwater environments, corals and sea life put the country on high for divers.

Seeing top class hotels, resorts, villas and hospital chains constructed for the convenience of travellers on this fantastic land, one may ask about the man who played a part in making this country a paradise for travellers and its natives as well.

Considering the modern amenities and artistic works, you cannot stay away admiring Louis Gerard Saliot, who has been instrumental in pushing up the Fijian tourism and hospitality industry.

He has been an undisputed visionary who laid the foundation of EuroAsia Management Group to make Fiji a world class spot for tourism and accelerate the economic growth of the country. His vision gets reflected in the works he has already done.

Can you forget the Natadola project? Many international resorts and hotels with luxurious amenities are now available in the country. The seaside facing resorts allow the travellers to enjoy the beautiful and rare sight of the sea. The project not only lured international tourists but also provided employment opportunities to the local Fijian people. Mushrooming hotels, restaurants and resorts with luxurious amenities also brought many job opportunities to the country.

Gerard Saliot, the CEO and the president of EuroAsia Group, has played a decisive role in the successful completion of the Natadola project. Specialised in developing the recreational projects and hospitality industry, EuroAsia has come to the fore and started offering services, including the development of holiday residential estates, resorts, marina, golf course, theme parks, meeting facilities as well as the amusement parks.

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