Thursday, 16 February 2017

Louis Gerard Saliot: The Man Who Worked Hard for Travel Industry

The Fijian tourism industry is growing like never before. Yes, there are several reasons for it. The country has got over 300 beautiful islands, great environment, luxury accommodations, and lovely people around. These all put together make Fiji a perfect destination for travel enthusiasts. People from around the world come to visit this beautiful country. And for this reason, tourism industry has a major share in the country’s total revenue every year.

Needless to say, the modern developments in the country can be credited to government’s efforts to a greater extent. But, a few year ago the situation was completely different. The country was reeling under political turmoil which somehow impacted country’s image as the travel destination very badly. The number of people visiting the country became few and far between and the impact could be seen in the country very easily. Then there was one man who worked hard to make Fijian tourism industry grow again. And this man is – Louis Gerard Saliot.

He heads Euro Asia Management Group. He worked really hard to improve Fijian travel industry with his untiring efforts. And the aftermath is what is being loved by everyone visiting this beautiful country today.  
He did a lot to the Fijian travel industry which eventually worked to make Fijian island one of the most favourite tourist destinations in the world. Not just as a tourist destination, today world is eyeing this country and everyone is willing to buy a second home here.

Besides doing a lot in the past when the country badly needed it, Gerard Saliot works even today to make things better here. He is still engaged into travel and tourism and is doing several things that somehow or the other add up to make people love the country. 

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